Partners Programme

For the Partner of a sex addict, even one who is in recovery for a year or two, the problem can be shame based and isolating. Even long after discovery sadness and anger can remain. Facilitated group support can offer a safe place for reflection and self-discovery as well as an opportunity to connect with others who have experienced the devastation of discovering the man they believed would never betray them has in fact had a whole other secret life.

What's Included

  • Reducing isolation and providing support through the group process
  • Exploring healthy sexuality and the principles of effective communication
  • Maintenance of recovery principles and healthy boundaries
  • Reclaiming your own power and the ability to make more balanced decisions

Upcoming Workshops

Date TBC – September

The Group is limited to 8 participants. Currently taking bookings for the next group.
To book a place on the Partners Programme or for more information, please call 020 7493 4488.