About the Hudson Centre

The Hudson Centre, a recognised pioneer in the treatment of Sexual Addiction, renowned for its outstanding programmes, therapists and integrative approach€¦

Welcome, My name is Robert Hudson and I am the founder and Clinical Director of The Hudson Centre. I started The Hudson Centre because I wanted to offer people in crisis a safe, caring and professional environment, where they can talk candidly and honestly, find the answers and solutions they need, take back control of their lives and go on to live healthy lives.

Five years on, that vision remains The Hudson Centre's reason for being.

As we have grown and proudly become a pioneer in the treatment of sexual addiction in the UK, we know that one of our success factors is that we encourage our clients to take control of their treatment. To that end we offer them a choice of therapy programmes and they can tailor them to suit their needs and lifestyles.

The programmes are collectively known as The Hudson Centre's 8 Breakthrough Programmes.
The 8 programmes are designed to be independent of each other. However, when 2 or more programmes are combined, they provide clients with a powerful and indisputable pathway to sustainable recovery.

If you, a spouse or partner or someone you know needs help dealing with sexual addiction, please know that The Hudson Centre is here to support you.


Robert Hudson

Clinical Director
PsychotherapistSex and Relationship TherapistAddiction Specialist.